Zinc Chuang

George Town, Malaysia

Zinc's Skills
UX Design
UI testing
Pitching Ideas
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Technical Analysis
Business Analysis

Startup Experience

First time founder

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About Zinc

I always wanted to create a studio that could design something nice and beautiful. Since 2012, I have created a Piktochart-alike infographic creator because I don't know listen to which idiot who told me 'The biscuit is big' but the reality is when I tried to take the completed product (not prototype) to pitch for funding, the result is 'We won't fund for similar idea in Malaysia'.

I wasted 2 years of efforts and times but I did learn something. Due to the end product is not perfect so from 2015 to 2017 February I switched to study how Canva works by studying its code. During that period, I was still no idea what can I do if I managed to know how my infographic creator works.

On March 2017, my friend approached me and ask me to create a digital signing platform for him. That time, I finally know how can I pivot my creator idea by fully utilising that stunning infographic creator.

Currently I am prototyping the entire digital signing platform, but I have add on some new features so that it won't look the same as other signing platforms in the market. For example, owner of document can create multiple boxes that receive variable values, instead of open and edit on the creator, they will be directed to a input form that can enter values faster and easier.

We will also design a contact list that will ease the owner when they want to send the signing link to signers but they can't remember all the signers' email addresses. Lastly, we will also make a folder structure for the user to arrange their documents based on category or type.

So stay tuned for our public beta soon.


Failure is only useful if you learned something from it - Myself

Work Experience

Full Stack Web Developer

Agensi Pekerjaan Wawe

May 2014 - May 2017

I was a freelancer for this company and helping them to build a new payroll system for multi companies with different payroll calculations. I used a year to complete the system and the rest two years I was working as a full time staff to help them to key in the employee details and payroll records until recently I decided to start my own startup.

Just Kuli


March 2017 - Today

The only kuli in the company, currently still prototyping the MVP, hopefully it can be done on mid of September. Stress is on max level, hopefully I have done enough. No regret even if people complaint my project is kanasai (a.k.a like shit).

Co-working Space

ACAT Penang

2017 - Today