Zoe Rayner

Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Drive to succeed, interested in many areas and looking to collaborate
Zoe's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

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About Zoe

Currently working from home on www.plantparentclub.co.uk but looking to get involved in other businesses. This was started in January 2020.

I have a keen interest in many areas and am looking to partner up with people on their ideas and my own. I currently have a tech idea in mind and a eco-friendly, zero waste one I'm looking to discuss. Having someone to collaborate, share ideas with and drive a business together is something greatly appealing to me, having worked solo on projects and the amount of work involved, sharing ideas and being creative with someone similar to myself who also has a passion to succeed is greatly appealing.

I've attended many business courses and have gained knowledge in various areas of the years.

I don't mind collaborating with people all over the UK, doesn't need to be local. Excited to see how we can help each other and forge our own destinies.