Zsuzsa Jakab

Los Angeles, California, US

Zsuzsa's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Zsuzsa

Ever since I was a kid, video games, film & tv, sci-fi & fantasy books, anime and comics have been a big part of my life. They taught me the power of imagination, helped me form friendships for life, and brought me countless hours of joy.

As a grown-up, I am still deeply passionate about nerd culture, immersive storytelling, and the issue of diversity in media. I also believe that the content we consume can have a transformational effect on our lives, therefore my goal is to combine my creative and business skills to create and help consumers connect with high quality entertainment content.

Professionally I'm a bit of a swiss army knife, as I've ran the gamut of roles and industries from game & concept design to project management & producing to marketing.

In recent years I've become increasingly interested in the intersection of virtual reality, augmented reality, 2d/3d animation, and content aimed specifically at women.

I'm looking to build or join a team of like minded individuals who are trying to disrupt this segment of the entertainment industry. However I am also open to learn about other opportunities, either on a co-founder, advisor, or consultant basis.


* Marketing Strategy & Management
* Public Relations & Communications
* Events Management
* Writing & Producing
* Game & UX Design
* Voice Acting