Zubin Parihar

Vancouver, Canada

Cofounder & Technical CEO, Programmer, Sysadmin, DevOps, Athlete, Alternative Systems Thinker
Zubin's Skills

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Zubin

Zubin is the Founder of Bubbles Software. Dedicated to the philosophy of achieving "More with Less" by taking the simple approach of looking at the present scenario through a different lens and using passion, technologies, innovation and automation to achieve the desired result.

Working in the IT sector for more than 14 years in High-Performance Computing and Automation, he has worked primarily in organizations that use open source technologies to develop their own software. In these organizations, he has consistently designed unique solutions to help the Development Teams and the Operation Teams work faster and more efficiently while saving money.

Zubin founded Bubbles Software Corporation to offer his solutions to customers who are looking to modernize their workflows and infrastructure without making a large drastic change.


Think Different - Apple Computers

Work Experience

Sr. Systems Administrator

Global Relay

August 2015 - April 2017

Global Relay is a SaaS technology services company providing email archiving, instant message archiving, social media archiving, compliance and supervision solutions in highly regulated industries mostly in the finance sector. Global Relay is a significant player in the cloud-based messaging and archiving industries with a client base that include 22 of the world's 25 biggest banks. Their Data Centers which are located in North Vancouver and Toronto consists of 2400+ Servers

IT Consultant


July 2014 - December 2014

BAMSAS is a software and services company that develop and support a full-featured software platform for wagering and competitive games offered for the web and mobile land-based markets. BAMSAS has extensive experience in the U.S. gaming industry which successfully navigates through the complexities of offering interactive real money betting and sports games. The Data Center is located in North Carolina and consists of 100+ Servers

Linux Project Consultant


November 2013 - June 2014

The Project was to Unify and Retrofit ICBC's entire Linux environment to be under control by Puppet Configuration Management - Project Planning - Capacity Planning - Configuration Management Planning + Implementation - Automation Planning + Implementation - Retrofitted 200+ Linux Servers - Technical Documentation

Operations Manager

Emberlight Technologies

April 2011 - June 2014

Emberlight Technologies is a small data mining and data analysis company that specializes in online gaming data, in particular poker data. Emberlight has developed highly innovative methods and software to watch every Poker game being played online thereby capturing each and every statistic played in real-time where it then stores it in a central database (100+TB – Big Data). These statistics are made available instantly online and is used to provide business intelligence results to prominent clients in the industry from operators to software providers. The reports are for player analysis behavior, market trend analysis, security reports such as bot-detection and collusion. The Datacenter is located in Austin, Texas and consists of 100+ Servers - Director of Operations - Director of IT Infrastructure - Took over failing infrastructure from previous company - Report Directly to Company Owner/Director - Project Planning - Capacity Planning - High-Availability Planning - Disaster Recovery Planning - Network Architect - Systems Administrator - Database Administrator - Network and Systems Performance Tuning - Worked closely to support and guide internal and outsourced development teams - Maintained 100+ Servers, 800+ VM's across multiple Data Centers, Cloud Providers and VPS providers - Setup Development, Staging and Production Environments - Technical Documentation - Vendor Management – Dell, IBM

IT Consultant

Dyrand Systems Inc.

October 2013 - May 2014

This project was to provide Linux Consultation in the design of a Dev/Test/Production environment for a Government Entity - Project Planning - Capacity Planning - Network Architecture - Disaster Recovery Planning - Implementation - Design Documentation - Configuration Management

Online Systems Engineer

Electronic Arts

July 2010 - March 2011

Electronic Arts Sports World Online is the social networking aspect of its console games where all its' console users can post video replays, self-created 3D avatars, game statistics and comments. The online platform integrates seamlessly with its web presence and its console interface with a large community of users world wide - Maintained 400+ Servers in our data center across four data centers - Installed Development and Production Environments - Deploy software builds to Dev, Stage and Production Environments - Worked closely with internal and outsourced development teams - Troubleshooting with the development team - Wrote and maintained technical documentation - On-Call Responsibilities

IT Consultant

DES Games

May 2009 - April 2010

DES Game is a casual and social gaming company. The majority of their games are played through Facebook and MySpace with their largest community residing on Facebook. The games are developed rapidly, are all programmed in flash and/or PHP and is linked in with an online virtual currency. - Designed and implemented scalable network architecture from scratch. - Built production and development servers. - Built virtual testing environment with Xen on the Centos Linux distribution. - Developed staging and launching scripts and procedures. - Assisted and advised development team. - Wrote and maintained technical documentation.

Systems Administrator

AirG Inc.

January 2006 - January 2009

AirG is a mobile social networking and gaming company. Their mobile community has more than 20 million users that are interconnected to each other online via their mobile carriers globally. AirG’s services are all offered through their WAP browser interface. Services offered are multi-player games, chat rooms, dating services, video uploads and downloads, picture uploads and downloads, ring tone downloads and more - Installed and maintained production systems in our data center. - Designed, developed, installed and maintained development and test environments. - Platform Unification Project. - Led CVS to Subversion repository migration project. - Led Virtualization project. - Consolidated existing development environments and deployed over 200 OS's across 10 Xen virtual host machines. - Provided developers with troubleshooting in their application development and technical support. - Unified application platform and automated installation process. - Responsible for over 100 system installations. - Technical documentation for Disaster Recovery Project. - On-Call responsibilities for 24x7 mission critical production machines.



Bachelors of Technology

2003 - 2010