Zulqarnain Zulkifli

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Up and coming Entrepreneur
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About Zulqarnain

A young visionary who realized Entrepreneurship is the only option.
Born and raised at a place where Entrepreneurship was never even heard of but I always knew building my own business was my dream.
A baby shark that doesn't know what to eat, but as I grow I'm getting more and more uncomfortably comfortable in the ocean.
Took Business course in College for associate degree and decided continuing my study would be a waste of time.
Followed my father to various business meetings and took in as much knowledge as I can.
I never stop learning, put me in any industry and I'll find my own food.
Balls-deep in Entrepreneurship and I wouldn't settle for anything else.


As real as Technology gets in another thousand years. - Nai