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Any pointers on how to find a marketing / sales cofounder for a B2DEV business?

Mac Technical founder. Making full stack dev and CI simple.

June 17th, 2017

There are a lots of questions about finding a co founder, but they lean towards a sales, marketing or product founder looking for a technical co-founder. My question is, how do technical co-founders attract marketing, sales and financial co-founders for a technical product that is geared towards developers?

Manish Balakrishnan

June 20th, 2017

Show them the vision, marketing and sales founders are interested in the grand vision of the company and are ok to learn nuances of a new industry as they are used to jumping between domains and subject matter expertise through their career. Infact if you ask me it would be a challenge for most marketers and some sales gurus to try building something in a new industry

But in a nutshell their needs are the same as any other founder

- A fit with the founder

- Passion for the product or industry

- Innovation and simplicity of product design

- Challenges and stretching the comfort zone