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Can anyone recommend software for creating and managing a Partner Marketing Portal?

Kristi Shadid

March 23rd, 2016

Looking for it to include things like:

  • Ability to set-up a Partner with their own log-in
  • Access various marketing elements that they will use to promote our app (Social Media Posts, Logos, Graphics, Email Templates, etc.)
  • Access to Template Marketing Plans that we put together for them
We aren't necessarily looking for just an affiliate management tool because some of our Partners have already paid for their content being in our app....we just need to give them as many tools as they can to help promote it.  Although we'll also have true Affiliates who are promoting so we also need a solution for that and would need to give them some of the same type of tools.  We just don't necessarily need the link tracking and payment capabilities of most affiliate tools.

Any thoughts on tools anyone has used?  Thanks so much!!

Norma Watenpaugh Expert in Collaborative Business Relationships and Ecosytems

March 25th, 2016

For a comprehensive Partner mangement system including Through-Partner marketing look at or 
For purpose built partner marketing platforms look at or

Erik Mikisch Marketing; Translating product and marketing strategies into profitable revenues

March 23rd, 2016


You may want to consider our Performance Marketing Platform which addresses your requirements.  We can definitely discuss but we may be geared a bit more upmarket than you need.  Regardless, we would be happy to discuss and recommend a solution (even if from other companies).  Reach out privately at your convenience.  Cheers 

Vanessa DiMauro Advisor / Researcher / Speaker - Digital Strategy & Online Communities

March 25th, 2016

Dynamic Signal may fit your bill. A number of my clients use this tool for partner and disti portals and it works well. 

Chris Sanderson Affiliate Marketing and Program Management

March 24th, 2016

Software wise (buy and install) you might want to take a look at, not a bad system and if you opt for the top license option I think you get the open code to customize too. Or for SaaS then perhaps reach out to, who have a platform that covers a wide range of marketing tools including affiliate marketing