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Comparable Competition - Earnings/Subscriber?

Erik Baumgartner With experience playing college baseball and 15 yrs of biz management I understand the hustle.

May 10th, 2016

We are an early stage startup building a social sports app.  We are in the process of putting our initial business plan together and are looking for comparable companies (small or big) that have exited via a merger or acquisition where specifically we would like to look at what their “Earnings/Subscriber” was at the time of exit, so that we can project when our potential exit would be based on our financial models.  

This type of information isn’t easy to find through CrunchBase or a simple Google search.  We had a friend that suggested Mattermark, but as far as I can tell they want $6k for an annual subscription to their data.  We don't have those types of funds in our budget.  Does anybody have any other ideas on how we can or should go about finding this type of information.  Any suggestions are helpful.  

Mark Ivers CEO Founder

May 11th, 2016

Erik, I recommend you look at the exit of a company called myfitnesspal, Its a mobile app that tracks your diet. It was bought last year by under armour and might give you a foundation for your calculations. Mark

Rob G

May 11th, 2016

you are  an 'early stage startup' and you are already trying to forecast ''when your exit will be"?  Why?  What's the value in trying to forecast when a merger or acquisition might happen when you haven't built a business yet?  go build a company with real value and the rest will take care of itself.  

Hart Hooton Content marketer/creator & digital operations expert with track record of building + integrating online media products

May 11th, 2016

Hi Erik, it would help to understand what you mean by social sports app, I've had digital experience in sports and fantasy sports sectors, and there are a number of social sports apps in market. How does yours differentiate? I've recently vetted a social fantasy sports app in development, but found that the business model was untenable (they were hoping a display ad revenue would be enough, it isn't.). I'm not sure there have been exits acquisitions that match your criteria, but haven't researched. Feel free to call or contact me 1-917-318-0515; No pitch from me, happy to just chat.

Erik Baumgartner With experience playing college baseball and 15 yrs of biz management I understand the hustle.

May 11th, 2016

@Mark - Thank you I will definitely look into the myfitnesspal acquisition.

@Hart - Thanks for responding.  I know whom our current competition would be which is the SportsYapper's and GameOn's of the world, but it doesn't even have to be specifically a company in Social Sports, but possibly one with a similar business model.  Unfortunately FD removed your contact info, so will try to contact you through LinkedIn.

@Rob - Obviously most important thing is for us to build a company, but in the coming months when we have our MVP built we will be seeking Angel investment and it will be one of our focal points on when we think our potential exit would be.  Just trying to get ahead of the game to at least start looking into the research of when that possibly could be.