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Creating a Web App, How to Prevent from Being Used for Spam

pauld Private Developer

Last updated on March 29th, 2020

Good afternoon,

I'm building a website similar to and The point of my site is I will allow a user to create an event and invite other users via email to this event. It's supposed to be free. My biggest concern is someone nefarious will create an event and spam anyone and everyone.

I am also seeing apps like where you can email a bunch of users to your event. How / what is the best way to prevent someone from creating a "spamming" event? What are some techniques people are using?

Shamal Badhe Project Marketing Manager @ Companion ITCS

March 30th, 2020

I've also developed such kind of products with my clients. While working with marketing campaigns, I always take care of these things to avoid emails from spam -

1. Company logo, contact details with the Unsubscribe option.

2. Professional email content (Most important, it should not be spammy content)

3. Offer some links - subscribe, request a demo or call us

4. if the contact knows about your company, then remind them, when and where you met.

I hope these techniques will help you.



GK CTO / Consultant - AI, Blockchain, Analytics

March 30th, 2020

  1. Allow only Verified users to schedule events
  2. Rate limiting
    • Rate limit the number of events in the initial signup days, and relax the limits as you find the emails are getting valid responses (and not getting bounced or rejected or ubsubscribed)
    • Rate limit the number of receivers (no. of outgoing mails from a single account) in the initial days, till trust is established (atleast with one successful event)


  • Control the body of the emails. Provide templates to configure only small pieces of the eMail, otherwise the full body should be provided and controlled by you, so that users would not randomly write non-sense (spam).
    • once again, this could be relaxed as the system gains more trust on the user (no. of successful events)


lloyd munanyanga Cofounder & CEO

Last updated on April 5th, 2020

Just to add on the ideas suggested earlier, I would advise you to:

- have user verification via email or SMS before activating new subscriber

- Ensure your web app and Email are secured with SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

- Pay for whois protection with your web host provider.

- Mind which sites you are using to increase traffic to your website