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General questions about affiliate marketing. Making a website for promoting or advertising prefferable products.


April 11th, 2018

Could anyone describe how should I get started with a project like that and what steps related to technology should I use for the making of the website?

I know that Wordpress could be an option but there are limitations.

Any opinion about the cost of a custom solution in general and tricks that I should avoid?

My main concern is how should I attract companies and consumers/visitors since there is nothing to present or advertise at the beginning.

How should I get the critical mass to start getting leads and the attention of companies?

Is also such a business model viable and which are the potential threats now and in the future?

I have seen successful cases but I am not familiar with the starting process.

Could social media provide a test environment before someone invests in the creation of a website?

Any further advice is very much appreciated!

Ivan Kireev Business Consulting: from Idea to Top1

September 23rd, 2018

Good day, I just finishing going trhrouth all of this processes.

The first of all you should to make clear understanding (map, scheme - advice you Grafio for IOS) of your future Resource.

Then, choose one of thousands affiliate software for manage your publishers.

Then, you should to write affiliate program for your resourc in common or for each of products in separate

Then, you need to prepare materials for your future resource- such as content for pages, design and structur, media files and etc.

After first 4 steps you need to find a webmasters or hire web agency, who will create Your Web Resource, setup all software, register and test all analytics and other

then your resource should be indexed by search engines and registered in standard list of web catalogs, better if it will be pushed throught some databases (but easy with this action, it can damage seriously your resource if you make it more than necessary for this stage)

and now, congratulations! You can go to the worldwide famous Resourc-accelerators of Offrs/Networks/Publishers and place your program in theirs catalogs.

of course, there have hundreds and even thousands of other actions, I just show you some of the basic steps.

anyway, you can add my skype oriental-business or my telegram messenger @OBAASIA and ask me there about details.

Thanks and wish you best Success in Affiliate Business of 3Rd Millennium!