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Has anyone had success (or failure) with Facebook live for their business?

Sadie Gilmore Senior Software Engineer at Torque

July 1st, 2016

Facebook Live has sort of exploded and wondering if anyone (or company, rather) has used it successfully to drive traffic or engagement for your company. Or if you've tried in earnest and it hasn't worked would love to hear about that as well.  I'd ask to please refrain from responding if you are just speculating. 

Jeff Rushton New Media and Marketing Executive, Entrepreneur

July 1st, 2016

I just got off the phone with the FB Live team.  FB is heavily promoting their Live service right now to compete with other live social platforms (periscope, vine, IG) which is a great branding opportunity for anyone.

We have used it for our weekly news show (radio) and the numbers are incredible. The number of people FB shows the post to is unbeatable (right now, while they're promoting for free) and the number of people who log in to watch the show is impressive in real-time and even more impressive after the show.

Again, we use it for branding, I haven't used it for lead generation, sales or event promotion but the branding benefits are clear and substantial, immediately.  If nothing else, try it and see what your audience thinks. We have found that it works better for longer-form video (over 2-5 minutes) and plan to try it much more over the coming school year.

Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn, I can share links.

Dana Doron Strategic branding, marketing, direct response & product innovation expert

July 1st, 2016

We did our first live video for MealEnders last week featuring our Chief Nutrition Officer giving summer healthy living advice in a Q&A format (with most questions submitted in advance).  We weren't blow away by the exposure but it was okay: we have almost 25K facebook likes and got about 250 views on 800 reach during the broadcast, and the view count is now up to almost 700.  From what I read, I was expecting reach to be in the thousands. Jeff, how does that compare to what you've experienced?  But, we ended up with some great content that we are now repurposing and just posted a snippet from our live video appropriate for the holiday weekend, and will do some Facebook ads with the material, as well as use it for our blog/website.  So the jury is still out on the value.  I assume our following will build if we do one of these every 4 to 8 weeks. Would love to get tips on how to make the immediate impact more substantial if anyone has any.

David Bloom Editor, Writer, Communications Strategy, Social Media

July 1st, 2016

Seems a bit early to expect major traffic from a platform that's really quite young and only has had Zuckerberg's full-throated support for two or three months now. Also, FB Live far from the only platform in the live streaming space. I wrote a piece for Tubefilter that ran earlier this week that lays out some of the territory, challenges, etc. 

Insights: Is Live Streaming Becoming A Real Business?

By David Bloom

I can't help wondering what the best use case is for a company approaching live streaming as a marketing channel. Part of its appeal to many audience members is its authenticity. That's tough to pull off when you're directly selling. It could happen (analog comparison would be infomercials, right?) but I'm wondering if it's realistic. -DB

Darius Lahoutifard

July 1st, 2016

I founded BUSINESS HANGOUTS, a business add-on to Google's Live Streaming platform (YouTube Live, and Hangouts on Air). I sold it recently, after reaching 1.7M users in 2 years.
What I just said proves at least 2 things:
1- Businesses DO NEED a live streaming solution, kind of next generation webinar solution, to engage with their prospects in a much better way than traditional tools, and in a controlled, secure, sometimes private, environment.
2- Most existing streaming platforms, such as Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube Live, Hangouts on Air, etc, are not built for businesses, since they don't generally offer, privacy, security, lead generation (email collection), etc.  
Facebook is definitely pushing Facebook Live aggressively.
One comment above was about using FBL for brand creation (not lead generation or sales), but then what's the point of the "live interaction" if you can't control/invite/know your audience? A live experience is great but it can also impact a brand's reputation negatively by improper comments or questions from the audience. I think, we generally don't like that in a business context.


July 26th, 2016

About to embark on a digital marketing business venture and plan on using facebook live and podcasting as well.  Quite possibly, I'll turn my FB live into podcasts however haven't created my FB page yet so I don't think FB live will be terribly effective.  Anyone have insights into this dilemma, please let me know.