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Hello everyone!

Ali Jamal .

October 5th, 2019

I want to know how many people in cofounderslab have actually found an angel investor or any anyone who is interested in funding their idea at the very beginning?

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

October 5th, 2019

If you're asking if they found an angel investor through CFL, the number is probably small, because that's not what this platform is for. CFL is more helpful in an advice role or co-conspirator locator, not as a funding finder. Those who didn't succeed have probably left this platform and can't answer. Those who have are probably too busy to continue reading stuff on the discussion board here.

The likelihood that you will win an investment mostly has to do with you, not where you look. Investors are interested in people with PLANS not people with ideas. Ideas don't get investments. Plans get investments. The kind of plan that is most likely to get an investment is one that demonstrates that the founder has done extensive research in their industry and market, that they have developed and validated a marketing strategy, that they have tested their assumptions, that they have identified and reduced every risk as much as possible, that shows a commitment of time and personal resources towards the goal, that has validated their product/market fit, and that has a team of people (whether employees or advisors) that round out the six fundamental business skills any enterprise requires.

This is a lot of homework that gets done before anyone spends a dime. Okay, well you might spend a few dollars doing your research, but it's not someone else's money. No one invests so you can figure it out. No one invests so you can market your product that you've created. People invest because you have a solid plan that has low risk and shows a clear path towards a clear result.

Hopefully that answers the heart of your question and isn't merely a show of hands that doesn't teach you anything.

Wei Fang Hi manager

February 7th, 2021

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