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Hire Employees or Fellow Entrepreneurs?

Molly Dickinson Copywriter, Creative Strategist, Brand Storyteller—Crafting exceptional messaging on demand

October 10th, 2016

Have any business owners explored expanding staff exclusively through sub-contracting, i.e. building a team of fellow entrepreneurs vs. hiring full- or part-time employees? Can you share your experience, especially how you found and managed team members, tax/payroll implications, any issues encountered or unexpected benefits?

Irwin Stein Very experienced (40 years) corporate,securities and real estate attorney.

October 10th, 2016

Hire employees to accomplish the tasks that you need done. That way you stay in control and can fire those who are not up to the task. Taking on a partner is difficult because you are looking for a lot more than someone who will simply get the job done and dissolving a partnership can be difficult and expensive.  Taking on people and promising equity as opposed to salary will not get you the best people.