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Jane Gordon

Owner/ Designer at Jane A Gordon Jewelry

Although I have been a jewelry designer for almost 20 years, it's no longer possible to do everything myself. For the first 14 years I was traveling non-stop doing trunk shows at Saks Fifth Ave all over the country, then after the economy crashed in '08/09 on 62 cruises worldwide. Shifting to be able to stay home I do custom work and private label. But I have this huge intellectual property of timeless designs, a publisher waiting for a re-write of my first book (jewelry related) and so much more. It's just more than I can do myself. I don't want to hire people. I want a partner who will benefit from sales, not just get a salary. I am open to structuring a partnership in any way that works for everyone. But how do I find that right person?

You can see my work at www.JaneGordon.com

Edit according to comments below: My skills are in design, creativity, manufacturing, and previously when I was traveling and doing trunk shows, in setting them up and selling.

What I need now is someone with complimentary skills, in business, business development, sales, and especially selling online, and everything involved in making online sales flourish.

SECOND UPDATE: Do you want to see something that really sets me apart from anyone? My jewelry is worn for beauty, and cherished for layers of discovery. It is filled with sculptural symbolism of paths to joy, success, leadership and oneness; Check out my seminar on YouTube (don't worry, no one expects you to watch the while hour)


THIRD UPDATE: Maybe the easiest partnership would be for someone to take over online sales and take a percent. It can be site specific, or all online sales.

Ideas anyone?