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How do I get my fashion products featured on sites like WhoWhatWear, Refinery29, Style Caster?

Angela W UX / UI Designer looking for a co-founding opportunity

July 9th, 2016

I am wondering if anyone has experience in this and has any ideas on how I can get the editors to link to my products in articles they write? Do I need to be signup to an affiliate network? I already am but I just don't know how to get connected with these online sites. 

Stevie Wilson Social Media & Digital MarketingConsultant | Content Creator & Strategist,

July 9th, 2016

Actually it's not about affiliates. It's about pitching stories to the different editors & writers for those sites. If you have PR, you should be talking to them about pitching things at least 6-8 weeks ahead of the time you would like to see them online. 
Also one way to get seen , increase visibility, is to work with smaller blogs and get them to feature you.  and then when you see the posts go live,  share them on FB, instagram and twitter. get your designers involved in sharing the content out there. It can only help you. 
Also if you hit me up off FD, I would make some other suggestions. (guest blogs and features for your entire collection of designers) 

Stevie Wilson Social Media & Digital MarketingConsultant | Content Creator & Strategist,

July 10th, 2016

 The tips that Angela and Ema have provided you are true... and reaching out to writers - particularly freelance writers who are not tied to one publication- is the way to go. If you have PR  you need to find out what can be done to switch out to pitches. 
I would suggest requesting or seeking out the editorial calendars for national and regional magazines you would like to be in. Editorial calendars are often online but may not be found easily at every magazine. 
That way you will note when pitches should go in (which is often 3-4 months ahead of time). See if the editorial calendars are different for online writers/editors. 
You should also reach out to specific larger websites to pitch writers there as well. 
Online media can require shorter lead times and also require some last minute content so be flexible. 
 The pitches with specific ideas on what content you are pitching to them shoud be short and sweet, with a few photos  but include  short bits about the products being featured  including various designers you are suggesting for features. 
Novelty and unique ways to wear - -or styling-- is often a great way to get someone attention. 

Stevie Wilson

Angela Giglia Award-Winning Creative Idea Person | Communicator | Revenue Spotter | Human Connector | Digital Media Producer

July 9th, 2016

Hi Angela, You have to connect with the writers or the editor in chief. That person determines the content. If your product is shot already and done well that's even better. If you can send samples great. Ask if they have an editorial calendar if your fashion is seasonal so you know when to submit. Best, Angela Sent from my iPhone

Ema Chuku Product Developer. Founder.

July 9th, 2016

As a former fashion designer (featured in many magazines), and I believe things are still ran same, there's no affiliation needed.. You just need to keep pitching to the editors. Better yet, read articles on similar brands/products like yours, then lookup the writer and pitch to them (referencing the articles they wrote does help building intimacy). Usually if the editor/writer is working on a project that your brand/product would fit it, and they like your product, you are likely to be featured.

Also remember, editors are bombarded with pitches and products, so it's all timing and less hassle (do not hassle them).

And here's a big hint, reach out to the associate writers, not the editors. They are the ones that bring in stories for the magazines.

One more thing, skip working with PR for now, most editors like hearing directly from designers and creators.