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How good is the scope of AI and AR in current edtech world? Can I get some pointers or mentoring help on this?

kunal saxena Java/AIML/Cloud architect, interested in collaborating as a tech partner.

March 22nd, 2020

Virendra Kaithwas Getting Started

March 23rd, 2020

AR and AI is just the beginning of next generation . There are big companies already working on AR like Microsoft and Apple.

Apple has there ARKit which help to create AR programs. Apple also invested in AR headset and glasses massively and might be launch in 22 or 23.

In 2020 Microsoft launch Minecraft Earth which is the next step in AR industry.

AI we all know is almost everywhere. From 2020 it's going to be a standard . It's going to use everywhere for UX . Ex. Like Google lens or recommendation from Netflix and music app.

2020 is going to accelerate AR and AI industry