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How many software solutions does your SaaS start-up rely on?

Geoff Roberts Co-founder of Outseta

January 12th, 2017

During the course of idea validation interviews we found that most early stage SaaS businesses rely on 6-7 point solutions across categories like lead capture, email marketing, subscription billing, CRM, and reporting tools. More on our findings if interested here.

Is the integration and ongoing maintenance of these tools painful for your SaaS start-up? I'd love any feedback on what's worked well for your early stage SaaS business, and what's been painful as you consider the initial software tools your business relies on.

Growth hacking isn’t about quick wins and shortcuts, although they exist. In this course, we’ll cover the six-step growth hacking framework, how to measure user retention for your business, how to increase engagement and retention, and a bunch of case studies.