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How to reach out to corporate clients in USA&Australia

Kasun Wedage Founder Software company innovating in the retail space

June 6th, 2020

My company has developed a tech product which we can sell as a customized software solutions for corporate clients. My company and tech team is based in Sri Lanka. But our potential companies are major corporations based in Australia, UK, Canada, USA, New Zealand.

Can someone share ideas on effective ways to connect with decision makers and give an insight of what the journey is like to drive the deal to the signature point, and there after. Barriers & hurdles, pit falls and what to do extra and how to ace.

Some of the questions I have (theres another thousand). Feel free to pick one or many or non and share ideas. Appreciate the support. Cheers,

Whats required to get a contract from overseas

  1. What are the minimum must haves?
  2. Do I need to register a business?
  3. Do I need to have a functioning office to engage with potential clients?
  4. Is the process -
    1. Remotely propose
    2. Schedule a meeting online
    3. Send detailed requirement assessment & quotation
    4. Attend requirement gathering meetings (are these free)
    5. Prepare Software requirement specification document
    6. Get agreement signed
    7. Begin development
    8. Customer updates & interactions (remotely or in person)
    9. Deliver milestone
    10. Training (in person)
  5. How do I make the initial contact?
  6. What's the best roadmap up to getting the signature on the agreement?
  7. Extra yard I can go to impress the client?
  8. What is the expectation of engagement during the development, what extra can we do?
  9. What is the expectation during the handover phase, what extra can we do?
  10. What is the expectation after handover, what extra can we do?
  11. Any suggestion to make it happen?

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

June 7th, 2020

Unfortunately what you are selling as a service is seen as a commodity. Your company is unfamiliar, overseas, and one among thousands looking for this type of business. You will not break through the noise of every other consultancy looking to do software work unless you are exceptionally unique.

First, work on your value proposition. What makes you the first, best, or most something?

Next, work on directly targeting specific clients who fit in your niche. Get some wins. Use your first clients as examples of the superior work you do. As your early clients for referrals.

I understand you want to know the process. Some of your questions are easy to answer, like absolutely you need to register as a business if you want to conduct business. As for the rest, you're trying to enter a VERY crowded market with no leverage. You will need to establish a track record of success with a direct approach, even locally in Sri Lanka, and then you will need to overcome all the objections to remote contract work that are common to every outsourced development team.

This subject has been discussed on CFL before. I suggest you look for "outsourced development/software" and read those discussions.

Ricky Pearl Sales and Marketing services

June 13th, 2020

Hi Kusan,

I think you will always struggle without boots on the ground on those countries unless you are selling a SaaS product. Even then, if there are locally represented competitors, they will be preferenced.

You should look for a local company that will manage the sales process for you and represent your brand (or find agents)

Hiring a sales company will be more cost upfront, but lower ongoing fees, whereas an agent will take a percentage indefinitely.

I do not know appropriate companies in USA, but can refer a few for you to look at in Australia.

Jon Flynn Business Value Engineer, Sales Leader, and all round inquisitive tech nerd trying to start a company

June 12th, 2020

Figure out and articulate your Unique Selling Point - something you do better than anyone else. Being a foreign entity doesn't matter as much as being an unproven entity. It may be easier to start closer to home to build up a roster of client wins and lessons learned first. As Jeremy Kramer points out, you can always go the outsourced sales/Sales-as-a-Service route.

Kasun Wedage Founder Software company innovating in the retail space

June 7th, 2020

@paul Thank you for your response. Just to clarify, my company is incorporated in SL do I have to register a company in Australia.

100% agree with building upon referrals. We are after a niche market(Air ports, shopping malls) and theres only about 5 potential customers in SL and we have managed to secure one client through the value we create.

I have lived in Aussie for a while and it's my understanding there's few more potential clients in there.

Also this research is to learn how to get that first client and how to go about it. To understand the journey and best road map to reel in that big fish.

Jeremy Kramer Passionate about helping others!

June 10th, 2020

Just hire a local sales rep or company in an area (e.g. USA) and have them sell your product for you. What is the tech product?