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In the initial stages of a startup, what are some key internal components other than understanding of core competency/mission and sales/marketing strategy?


July 29th, 2017

Like any business, there is clearly attention to certain details or components which separate an average startup from a good or great startup. These details are often undervalued or overlooked in the beginning.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

July 31st, 2017

There are six business skills required for every company. Typically no one person ever masters more than two, so understanding that will lead you to seek support for the other skills you do not personally possess. 1) marketing, 2) sales, 3) organization, 4) efficiency, 5) people, 6) leadership. You vision (the ideal experience for customers, both external and internal) is the thing by which you should measure every action...will it get you closer to that ideal. Strategy is irrelevant until you have defined your product/service. Mission is unnecessary. It's like an "objective" on a resume. Nobody actually cares what you like, they care about the personal benefit to them as a user.

Yuvaraj Kundasi Cofounder Hazel Technologies Inc

August 1st, 2017

Product differentiation and team makes the difference between average and a good startup.

chantal gakwaya Reinventing the way people sell & buy real estate

August 3rd, 2017

Understand your model , test the market , your user acquisition and growth strategy and last your exit strategy.

Femi BEE CEO & Managing Director of Tower cleaning services Ltd

August 4th, 2017

You need to do market survey, product or services trial, awareness of your competitors, consistent cash flow, be in control and take decision.

Thor Alexander Product Focused CEO and Startup Advisor

August 3rd, 2017

Understanding your user acquisition and growth strategy is key. Where will you get your first 100,10k,100k users and what are you looking for from these users at each stage.

Joseph Wang Chief Science Officer at Bitquant Research Laboratories

August 9th, 2017

These details do not matter.

The things that matter are:

1) how much cash you have

2) what the interpersonal dynamics are within and among the founders

Also, in the early stages, you don't care about between a "great" startup, an "average" startup, or a "terrible" startup. You are in a life and death struggle against running out of cash. The only thing that you really care about is not being a dead startup, and if you make it to the point where you are profitable, you are doing really, really well.

The other thing is that the world of startups are *very* different from the world of big companies. With big companies, you have time to think about core competency and mission statements. With startups you generally don't, and your marketing strategy consists of finding anyone that will give you money for anything.

sandeep Modi If said yes then work will be done 100%

July 31st, 2017

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