Looking for feedback and to connect with those in Education, Web & Mobile Game/App Space

Kristin Fitch Co-Founder ZiggityZoom Media-Online & Mobile Ed Tech- Content & Games- Business Educator & Mentor, Author, Speaker

January 3rd, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I have two items to mention. 1) We rolled out our new mobile game app (*Rojo
Word*) on itunes (ipad/iphone/itouch) recently and its free today and
tomorrow. It\'s a fast-paced, fun, and addictive solo and group anagram
word game. The early user feedback is excellent (such as, "I\'m hooked.
This blows away Words with Friends." and "My kids and I are really
enjoying ROJO. It is actually getting more playing time than Angry Birds
Star Wars this week! . Happy Thanksgiving!" ) If you are interested I would
love to have some of you download it and try it out. I am looking for
feedback or ideas to help us roll this out in a big way. I have a few I am
working on, but even those I would love to get feedback on. Or if you
think your company or product could be a good partner for us let me know.
We have updates and improvements scheduled each month as well.

Here is link in itunes: ow.ly/gvwhE <http://t.co/7NF3Onlg> or site is

Another effort underway is *National Kindergarten Readiness*. It will be a
site and app that allows parents, and teachers to assess their children\'s
school readiness, while letting the kids play or test using games. We have
created a good portion of this but since we are self-funded it is moving
slowly to finish up. If you are interested hearing more about this and
think there is an opportunity for us and you/your company- reach out to me.