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Marketing Strategy for IT Start-up

shweta k Proprietor @ Inology

August 13th, 2019

We are a start-up based in India, website development, digital marketing and software tool development being our primary task. We have worked for 7 clients so far(India and abroad), which were mainly through reference and a couple of them through digital marketing. But fetching new clients has always been a challenge for me, please share/guide me through the ideas, how can I do marketing effectively for healthy lead conversion?

Ashwajit Patil Founder of Imperial Services Group

August 14th, 2019

Hi Shweta,

There are many online bidding sites, try,, etc.

You to bid for projects in these websites, but it do it rightly I can assure you great results.



Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

August 14th, 2019

So, although I would like to be able to teach someone Marketing in a short email message, we all know that's not possible. I can give you some fundamental things to start working on though.

It is essential to understand why your existing customers chose your company for the work. This is part of being able to communicate your value proposition to new potential customers. While referrals from existing customers are valuable, that method is slow and may be insufficient to keep your company afloat by itself.

Before you can hire a sales team, you need to have perfected the sales process yourself. What does your company do on a sales call that ensures a positive experience for the potential customer? How do you successfully nurture leads? What steps do you take to successfully move someone from lead to customer?

If there was a formula for successful sales, every company would succeed. There isn't a formula, each company's value proposition and marketing strategy is different. And it's always advised that you start with strategy before you offer a product/service to make sure your offering fits the marketplace demand.

I'm going to suggest a particular author who writes in an easy-to-understand way and from whom you can learn contemporary marketing principles. His name is Seth Godin. You can buy many of his books, read his blog, watch his videos, etc. and get a better understanding of best practices when marketing anything.

But I will remind you, hiring a sales team before you've perfected your sales process will not set the team up to succeed and everyone will get frustrated by poor results. This is work you need to do yourself because only you will understand the details of your ideal customer and the details of the resources you can apply to reach your goals.

Good luck!

Devon Cloete CEO of Cabile Trading (Pty) Ltd

August 13th, 2019

Hi *shweta k* Have you ever thought of getting a sales team? What I would do is get a freelance sales team and make them work on commission basis that way you dont have any expenses and you don't have to worry about sales and can focus on growing your business.

shweta k Proprietor @ Inology

August 14th, 2019

Thank you for your response Devon. Yes we did get a sales team. Problem with a start-up is limited budget and in that budget to get a competitive sales team becomes a little difficult. Yes, getting them completely on commission basis is a good idea, will work on that. Thanks