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Mobile couponing budget?

Chris Carruth VP/Director. Strategy | Business Development | Operations | Product | Solutions

December 23rd, 2014

Looking for some feedback that is at best a SWAG but hoping for an educated SWAG. I understand the correct answer is "it depends" but need some range of potential costs for 30k budget. This would be for mobile couponing (creative/campaign management/paid mobile search/etc) with SMS push, for a new product aimed at Moms 25-49 and young adults age 18-35. 

Assumptions would be:
a) budgetary costs for single major metro, such as Dallas or Chicago
b) cost for national campaign
c) costs for additional SKUs, same target markets

Yes, I know..but any help to narrow down what is now a rough guess would be appreciated. 

Monu kumar Co-founder CronJ

December 23rd, 2014

Hi Chris,

Can you please send me some more details on


Sean Roland

December 27th, 2014

Are you looking for potential costs or potential returns for a $30k investment?  I'm happy to share + walk you though my couponing payout model, if you want to drop me an email -