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Need help finding a co founder that is focussed on the non technical side?

Azhan Rashid Founder, Software Developer, Back-End Developer

July 19th, 2018

I've been searching around I can't really find a co founder here? All people seems to be founders and going to be founders?

David M

July 20th, 2018

If you have a solid compensation plan set up and no one is showing an interest, then it could be that you do not have a solid business plan that encourages people to view you as worth their time investment. If you have both of the above and you are still having trouble finding co-founders, then you probably need to work on your pitch. One of the biggest naiveties founder's have is that they believe everyone will have the passion for their great idea. Passion is great, but most people work on compensation as well, and ethical entrepreneurs should be prepared to offer fair compensation for the investment of a co-founder.

I am happy to review further if you send a connect request.

Gene Scheck Founder of 24 Proof & 26 years of software

July 26th, 2018

Business planning is more than just an idea or a solution, need to understand the industry, prepare marketing and getting into customers. Besides that building, a team is about filing the holes and having people even helping you with your skills. I have been writing software for over 26 years now, still, I build a technical team around me including design, product and after a product is ready sales and support.

Technical for any product/solution is not made by a single person you need that may be a reason people choose not to work with you it isn't serious. An example we are building a blockchain real estate platform, have a designer, three developers, product owner and a few beta customers already. If I approach somebody to join the team there is a team to join a single person is hard to take seriously so turn to peers you have worked with pitch them and offer them some equity for their time, then a seed round is more likely.

Best of luck with your business idea and I hope you do very well with it.