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Deborah Chang

I am in the enviable position of writing a pitch for my desired job description (chief of staff), my compensation package (equity, salary, benefits), and my non-negotiables for inclusion into my final contract with a startup that I have a verbal offer from.

I'd really like to get input, advice, from people who have negotiated their job description, compensation package, and non-negotiables and/or are startup executives who have evaluated pitches of job descriptions, compensation packages, and non-negotiables.

My questions are: 

1) How do I figure out what's reasonable? What should I ask for?

2) How do I prepare for the negotiation process?

3) What makes a negotiation strong?

4) What are common pitfalls (particularly legal) to watch out for?

5) How should I think about where I want to start vs. where I want to be in six months (in both roles and responsibilities as well as in compensation)?

Thank you in advance for either pointing me to the right resources to figure this out or answering these questions based on your own experiences!