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Recommendations on finding Investors for a mobile app in development

Adam Schappell CoFounder

November 5th, 2019


I was wondering if anyone had any success stories or recommendations when it comes to finding investors? Currently have a project in development and plan on launching to strategic places around the world Q2 2020. Working on Series A as well after launch. But would like to find more investors who may have more connections and who would also like to provide insight. As well has investors who like to stay in the background

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

November 7th, 2019

Well, the short answer is that investors invest in plans, not in companies. They prefer validated plans where risks have been minimized and where conservative revenues are significant. Your investors aren't typically interested in helping you figure anything out. They expect you to have done that work before you approach them. They aren't there to make connections for you, though that might occur anyway. And if you want silent investors, you're looking for an even smaller set of people, who are going to need to trust you even more than those who have a finger in your operations, meaning you need to demonstrate even lower risk.

My recommendation is that you consider, both for your own benefit and for potential investors, a roadmap of what your enterprise looks like without any outside investment. What will you be able to do without outside funds, and what will you choose to do to maximize the revenue that is supporting your business. Then make a roadmap of what your enterprise looks like with outside funds, what revenue potential is only limited by the amount of money in the bank, and not something that could be addressed with more time and current resources.

Investors want to accelerate your business, not build your business. Doing these two roadmaps and looking at them side by side may illuminate your path forward more effectively than focusing on just what you'd do with someone else's money. That you understand where you're actually limited by funds, and what you're limited on by your desire to go more quickly, will show investors that you understand the value of their money and help show you can prioritize appropriately when considering the trade off between time and money.

Edward de Jong Software designer and developer, programming language designer

November 22nd, 2019

Most mobile apps don't cost that much to make, so it is rather rare to see investors backing such at thing. You didn't specify what kind of app you are building, and what the sales strategy for the app is. I built 100 iphone apps and it just isn't that hard nowadays to build an Android + iOS app with one code base. How you are going to get users for your app, in a world that has millions of apps, is a whole challenge unto itself.