Service business startup in social media industry just signed international brand, help to scale?


August 19th, 2016

I have a small service business just our of testing phase, ready to go - offering digital and social media services for clients. We now have an opportunity to service a major international brand name as a client. However as we are in v early bootstrap mode we don't have any capital. Loan is not an option, I am now looking for a partner or investor any suggestions on who to approach for a seed investment. we are based in Hong Kong and looking for around USD 200-300K in capital.

Background:  The biz provides a full-service offering of consulting, strategy and execution, we create engaging content and use smart analytics to increase our clients reach, engagement and conversion via social media networks. Besides building audience and brand awareness our process positively impacts our clients top line revenue, generating a lift in orders, sales, installs, downloads or whatever the clients business objectives, whilst lowering overall costs. Our biz model is based on servicing clients on a monthly basis under annual contract, great scalable opportunity.

Besides the regular Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc, our speciality area that sets us apart is our Chinese social media channel service, helping international brands and business to enter and build audience in the China market in native Chinese language services.

We have delivered successful services for 2-3 clients already in our testing phase and have now, just been approached by a major international brand to do their China market entry on social and mobile, contract is pending. 

Another type of business in the social media service space in Singapore recently listed on the NASDAQ owned Swedish First North Exchange after only 2 years in operation and drew an over subscription of 314% and an enormous volume of shares traded - 333,000 shares traded on day one. So there is a clear opportunity in the market for business success.

Appreciate any ideas or suggestions, thanks

Derick Smith Distributed Systems Entrepreneur

August 20th, 2016

I would like to discuss investment into your startup. We have an office in Hong Kong, so you could meet with our local management.
Please get in touch.


Martin Omansky Independent Venture Capital & Private Equity Professional

August 20th, 2016

Hard to finance a professional services company in the U.S. Can't speak for markets. Probably funds can be more easily raised from individual investors rather than institutions.