Paul Okselenko gamedev generalist

August 17th, 2016

I have a small team, not even a company yet, we are VR (virtual reality) enthusiasts, who've been developing VR games for mobile devices lately. I... More

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Nate Holbrook Founder / CEO at Lilac

June 20th, 2015

Great product managers must be the “CEO” of their product. If that’s the case, why don’t more CEOs come from product management positions/backgrounds?  More

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Leena MBA Content & Publication Manager at NetApp

November 16th, 2014

Hi Founders, I am in talks for a possible offer to run a company that is pre-revenue, and therefore cannot offer base pay.... More

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May 22nd, 2015 recently read an article about a CEO, who upon hiring a stylist, updating his haircut,... More

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Amir Siddique Founder at Siddique Consultancy & i-invest

September 12th, 2016

Is it someone with a vision? Someone with sales and recruiting skills? What does a rockstar CEO at a startup look like? More

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Diane Bernard Chief Digital Marketing & Growth Officer For Hire, CEO, Virtual CMO for Technology, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Consumer

May 27th, 2016

I am interested in a really solid or complete marketing plan template to roll-out for pharma or medical industry.  Especially getting enrollment of... More

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Lucas E Wall

August 24th, 2014

I am wondering if anyone here has shadowed an acting CEO of a startup, or know of such arrangement. By shadowing an acting CEO I mean following him/her... More

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December 16th, 2017

I'm a first-time founder, in my late 20s, operating in a niche space I didn't know much about a year ago. Now that we're about to land a major client,... More

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Krystian Fiedoruk Aspiring Entrepreneur with rising experience

June 11th, 2019

Hi! We are over 20 people now, receiving 5-10 support request e-mails daily and Excel seems to be not good enough (anymore) for this purpose. We'd... More

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Kishor Parmar SEO Manager at Herbal Remedy India (

September 29th, 2016

We hear news on and off about startup acquisition by big corporation. I am sure most of the founders and CEOs of startup start with dream of making... More

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