Mike Duchen Head of Business Development at Product School

August 21st, 2014

I was wondering what people thought about top tier accelerators, specifically Y Combinator versus TechStars.  Most list them as two of the top accelerators... More

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Afi Aflatooni UWaterloo grad with 20 yrs of technical experience

February 17th, 2019

We are looking at TechStars Toronto as an option and wondering if anyone has gone through TechStars and what they think of the program? Specifically... More

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Harsh Founder

Last updated on September 8th, 2021

Looking for Mentors, Team, Experts For Aviation, Supply-Chain, Paint Robotics, Food, Pharma delivery automation, Real-estate, Solar, Security, Web... More

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Sean Usman Founder & CEO at Jollitot, Inc.

August 10th, 2017

If so what was your experience in the application and interview process?