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VC contributions to a company - resources other than finances?

shakoya mclaurin I am an ambitious young women that works hard.

January 30th, 2017

I've seen several questions posted about how to impress or get the attention of venture capitalists so they see your vision as a worthwhile investment.

But I've begun to wonder about the VC-startup relationship from a different angle:

Aside from the obvious financial contributions, what (if anything) is a venture capitalist expected to contribute to the relationship?

Fitrepreneur Entrepreneur, Advisor & Investor focused on Fitness Technology

January 30th, 2017

Erik Van Rompay Serial Founder (5x) internet platforms oriented

January 30th, 2017

Discuss it with the VC directly as there are many answers.

First : see what he offers beside the financial contributions. Some do some "general services" like helping you to recruit, create a fancy corporate website, have some press releases... while others say the are going to assist you in developing your business.

Second : What does that mean - developing your business ?

Also - a review meeting each 3 months does not mean much... It can guide you but the way you look to time is not the same as in VC and Large companies.

a) Is this brining you in contact with members in their network : in that case, just look if some of their contacts are really interesting for your business. If they are not in your business field... forget the benefits of the matchmaking.

Also : watch out for the timegap. In my previous company, the VC brought me in contact with one of his major clients but, as it was not in the budget, the deal got signed 14 months later. Not the fault of the VC but we needed the deal a lot faster to accellerate our growth.

b) Some are also saying they can open you the doors to international spots. Same question...where are they and what do they mean in that foreign ecosystem. I once got a small participation of a VC opening me a spot in the silicon valley to discover that they only had an "empty" office there with a country manager that just got assigned. So I got good office space but no matching.

c) Some also offer you Business Development Services. I benefited from this as the contract that linked us was 100% successfee based. So no risk for me.

On the other side, a VC likes to show he/she invested in a great company so the stronger you are on the market and the more visible... the more the VC will like you and support you.

Hope this gives you already some answers.


Rich Mavrogeanes President/CEO at Discover Video Inc

March 9th, 2017