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What are the best tools for email marketing?

sandy edri It manager at VR

September 15th, 2016

I am in the process of building a list of emails that I could later target to offer the services from our SaaS platform. There are so many resources out there and tools that it is a bit overwhelming to be honest. Which tools are the absolute must when trying to accomplish the goals outlined here? Thank you very much for your support.

Stephen Tarr Dominion Equities L.P.

September 15th, 2016

Mailchimp Hubspot Steve Tarr (512) 426-2089

Michael Hartzell Entrepreneur, Addicted to "Yes" - When Everyone Wins

September 15th, 2016

Hi Sandy,

I feel your pain. 

In fact, based on this list:
... it seems impossible to choose. :)

The answer will follow: 
"Who will be getting it done - doing the work?"  (low skill? high skill?)
"Will you be integrating it with other tools?" (for automation)
"Is power / flexibility more important? or simple/fast?"

I like HubSpot because it is an all-in-one solution with all the marketing tools integrated into one. It is simple to use without coding or can be used by the coders and designers.   It is a rocketship!

Mailchimp is a good way to get started. This is because of how simple it is to learn. (for an email system) and so many people use it, it is easy to get help/assistance when needed. It also integrates with many other tools you will be using.

While I have not tested it yet (newer email), Wix ShoutOut looks very promising. It looks as simple and smooth at MailChimp.

The struggle with email for many is the design.  Fortunately the tools above keep it fast, easy simple.

Lorne has a good point.  "getting emails via a form" - all three tools above offer forms you can embed into your website - with a copy/paste.  

There are other free email options on the "best on the planet list" -  Mailchimp starts at free if every penny counts.

Aria Consulting Clear, Practical, Solutions in Action

September 15th, 2016

Are you looking for tools to compile the list?  create and manage the email templates and bulk sending?  Or are you looking to do full-scale email marketing campaigns and managed follow-up?

Eero Karner Founder at

September 15th, 2016

I've used Gmass ( It used to be free, but now they charge a fee if you want to send more than 50 emails a day. It works on Chrome and is pretty good though. Cheers, E

Chuck Bartok Social Media Consultant, Publisher, and Contrarian Curmudgeon

September 15th, 2016

First question is:
How are you building the list?
If you are using the Internet be sure to use a quality Email service that encourages double opt-in.
I have been using Aweber for myself and most of our global clients for over 10 years.
Regardless the service, they key is to generate subscribers through very clear "opt-in pages and focused TO YOUR prospect's real persona

Philip Winton Marketing, Sales and Brand Leader - Customer Experience is King

September 15th, 2016

Hi Sandy, there are so many options and they are dependent upon your goal(s) both short and long term. There are simple plug and play platforms and ones that integrate seamlessly with your CRM and can go a step further to provide recipient modeling and contextual content based upon behavior. So, I would set your goal(s), define your time and resources... and build out a couple of different scenarios. Phil

Jim Tormey Partner, JesseJames Creative, Inc.

September 15th, 2016

We just switched from Hubspot to SharpSpring and have been super happy. It's email marketing and a full CRM/sales automation engine. Super powerful but not a mess to use like other solutions we evaluated. 

Good luck. What is your product btw?

Roger CDC Marketing Director, Customer resource for unique problems,Millennial trapped in a baby boomer body

September 15th, 2016

You may want to look at an email system that allows you to send a single email but multiple content areas each tagged to a specific audience.  We used an email newsletter to gather profile information by tracking what interest points the reader viewed.  Now we can take that profile data and target messages to the reader based on past interests.  I'm not sure all the normal email systems have this structure.  We use MarketVolt.

Ben Christoph I help ecommerce brands get in front of an audience that's ready to buy / Programmatic / Digital Marketing at Hivewyre

September 15th, 2016

Mailchimp and Used to sell Act-on Software(Marketing automation). If you need cheap, yet effective that's the combo. Autopilot has capabilities just like hubspot, sharpspring, all that stuff. Except also is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. And cheap

Wendy Marx B2B Public Relations Expert Takes You From Anonymity to The New York Times™, Turns SMBs Into Industry Icons

September 16th, 2016

We use HubSpot. Jim Tormey, love to talk with you about SharpSpring.