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Hammad Khan

Supply Chain, procurement & logistics enthusiast, entrepreneur in the making, an idea powerhouse.

Basically I am a commerce graduate and have been studying on the internet about entrepreneurship, startups, funding and running a business in the sense of today's venture world. Most of the information I have gathered is through articles and since I have learned almost about everything, I have found myself too hard to wrap my head around this "valuation" thing.

First off, about my idea:

It is an online database and we collect information from public of various sorts, build database and provide analytics to businesses based on that information.

So what can be the most basic definition of Valuation? What is the basic structure of valuating and what are the factors to consider? How to can I valuate my startup which is at very initial stage right now (prototyping)?

Additional information: Please let me know what will my valuation be when I'm raising $200K in the seed? What percentage of equity should I offer or negotiate for from Angel Investors?