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What might the user experience look like for the first educational crypto collectible?

Garett Laugavitz Building Pet Stick, the first educational and interactive crypto collectible on Ethereum.

July 11th, 2019

Hi everyone,

So this is very off the wall.. but hear me out :)

I'm working on a fun project and I'm trying to sort out the value proposition and user experience to some degree. The project is a "Crypto Collectible" a unique digital asset you can actually buy and own, sell and trade completely online.

This is really wild west stuff so any input would be SUPER helpful.

If you're not familiar with this space, is a good example as it's a pretty cutting edge blockchain based card game and crypto collectible (non-fungible tokens or NFTs) on Ethereum. Super Rare is probably the coolest crypto art platform as another example... here's my personal collection:

Anyways, I'm launching my own Crypto Collectible called Pet Stick.

Essentially, it's the first interactive and EDUCATIONAL crypto collectible. It'll work in the forthcoming and much anticipated, blockchain based virtual reality world, Decentraland: Each stick is a procedurally generated (automatically) rendered 3D model using Python and Blender.

We're looking to develop mini-games inside this world like sword fighting with your stick or being able to compete in semi-make believe marksmanship matches, race your sticks in rivers and so on. Because really the stick is anything in your imagination.. it's really a beautiful metaphor if you ask me.

Each stick has a series of curated (and scraped) gee whiz sort of content that is associated with each stick that you can read or play (like a trivia question from the Open Source Trivia API and Wikipedia content, other Creative Commons content like audio birdsong recordings.) Here's a real rough prototype:

What I'm trying to sort out is how the educational/interactive component works. Basically, my dilemma comes down to this: how can these digital assets come alive in the real world not just in virtual reality.

I've installed the BuddyPress social network plugin on my wordpress site and want to recruit users as "Stick People." Have been toying with this idea of seeding "pet projects" for folks to rally around and help crowdsource relevant content for. Was leaning towards almost a "citizen science" sort of approach but I don't think that really jives with my demographic of crypto-gamer nerds (I say that with much love).

-What could I crowdsource? (around what "Pet Projects?")

-How could one "add value" to their stick by associating some kind of content with it?


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The world needs more crypto-kitties, but crypto-sticks are useful, too. They can visualize crypto-branches of a multi-level crypto-ponzi tree. (Sorry, could not resist :)