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What’s the best strategy to bring a novel B2B solution to a noisy marketplace?

Jesse Tayler App Store Inventor, Startup Entrepreneur

Last updated on July 29th, 2020

Startups are great at inventing solutions that are outside the box, but a problem we all face is raising awareness and reaching out to the folks who can use these new solutions.

Call it sales or biz dev, startups have to start from scratch. What when your market is totally full of ‘noise’ where it seems every solution has all the popular answers but they really all work the same old way?

Henry Ford famously said “If I asked what the customer wanted, they would have told me ‘a faster horse’” —Sometimes startups begin with an invention solution rather than incremental changes to existing models.

Henry Ford was also 100 years ago!

— What have you seen or done that works in today’s world to go from horse to automobile?

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

August 9th, 2020

If there was one answer to this question no one would still be asking. The real answer is "it depends." It depends on who your audience is, what other companies are doing to draw attention and maintain loyalty, and in what channels people find information about your type of solution.

A strong suggestion is that you find a small cohort of respected customers who will be willing to work with you on your development and continuously engage with you as early customers. You will make a better product, and you will have your first customers to whom you can refer.

Yes, I agree that people often do not know what they want until they're shown why they want it (horse/automobile). But to a certain degree, they also resist things that seem like any kind of risk.

Keep in mind the three elements of persuasion:

1) personal benefit

2) dramatic difference

3) reason to believe

To get someone to change their behavior with some kind of market disrupting product, you're not really selling your product. You're selling change. If you get that fixed in your head, that you're selling change, you will approach your sales differently and stop focusing on what you want people to do, but about how to get people to relax enough to make a change.

AShu Co-founder I CTO I Co-adviser I Full stack developer | WebRtc Developer | DevOps

Last updated on August 11th, 2020

I believe in reinvent but as we know if you don't survive then you can't grow and invent .Like every one know Steve Job as Apple Founder .But less people know he is a Re-inventor.

So before doings something great work, you have to do just work for understanding and survivability in markets .

So i have plans on working amazing things which push Technology Race Up.

Its just a suggestion which may be good or not .



Darren Bolger Decorated Entrepreneur with extensive experience connecting people to the best opportunities

November 30th, 2020

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