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Whats the best way to get sales? Promote as a charity fund raiser or higher commissions to agents?

Leonard Gibson Entrepreneur, CEO Xtracktme

February 1st, 2016

We have developed a SOS security app for private and business use that offers super features and can be white labeled for corporates. 
Besides the app there is a business directory for the security industry and a company tracking system for Security Guards, Drivers, Delivery's or any business that needs to see the location of personal by the minute and over days, with reports and management levels. 

To help market it, we offer a 20% commission on sales. 
What would be better to focus on? Contacting Schools, Charity's and NGO's to use the app as a fund raiser or recruiting affiliates to market and do direct sales? 

As the app works world wide I thought as a fund raiser it would be best? People are happy to support an organization they believe in while getting a awesome product for a one time fee? 
Or would people prefer a more personal sale for this product type? 

How would you market it and get the word out? 

Any and all advise appreciated.

Thomas Kaled Business Development Consultant @

February 1st, 2016

Do a deal with Verizon or any of the Global phone providers. 

Justin Adelson Director of Marketing at Language and Learning Centers of America

February 1st, 2016

 Correct me if I am wrong, but it sounds like you have a security app that has multiple applications but you do not know what market is the best one for you to focus on first ( i.e. Beachhead market).

 After doing a quick look at your website it looks like your main target would be parents that would install the app on their child's phone.  I just clicked on your link to go to the iPhone App Store and it took me to a form to submit my information. Since you do not have the iPhone app available yet I would recommend starting a kickstarter  campaign to start getting preorders and you can do certain levels and quantities such as individual and family packages or larger business or school packages. And then use social media advertising and targeting to parents. 

 I think there's also a market for individuals with special needs that parents or facilities need to monitor their whereabouts. However I don't know how large that market would be and it would probably  be something to focus on down the road.

I hope that helps and good luck .

Rajnish Rohatgi Expert at "Strategy IN Action", in a world of "Strategy AND Action" and, even worse, "Strategy INACTION"

February 1st, 2016

Cause based marketing that allows customers to feel good about themselves through "armchair philanthropy" is fine.. But i think there are 2 pre-requisites for itbto be successfull:
1) there must be a basic need for the product or service.. and cause based marketing merely provides the tipping point towards your brand - helping gain share between several undifferentiated brands.. By itself, cause based marketing cannot create category demand..
2) There should be some relevance between the product or service and the selected cause. Eg, in India - such an app might lend itself to causes like safety of girl child or NGOs Woking with rape survivors etc, or providing free training in self-defense to children.. (Just thought from the top.. There could be better ideas of causes.. But I suppose these convey the point I wanted to make).

Leonard Gibson Entrepreneur, CEO Xtracktme

February 2nd, 2016

Thank you all for the wonderful advise, much appreciated.