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Would you recommend having a long-distance cofounder? Does this ever work? How would you go about the agreement if you are in two different countries?

Khalid Alwaili Founder @nabnee , looking for a CTO

May 25th, 2018

I have an idea that I have already worked out & I am looking for a tech (web developer) cofounder who I have had no success finding in Oman.

David M

May 26th, 2018

Anas, jumped to character which I think is important, but also not necessarily the main question of the poster. In terms of collaborating, I think in person, or at least access can certainly be beneficial. There is a visual prescence that is lost and no amount of video conferencing can replace way. There is a human condition of interaction that no amount of tech will ever replace. But you can do it. That is the first. With regard to character, I disagree with Anas' response in terms of an absolute, though I agree with the sentiment that in person is always better to evaluate a person. Certainly meeting in person is good, but by no means at all the needed green light for moving forward with a partnership of any kind. THOUGH, there is no doubt in person can be a lot better, and especially for anything visual like web development. But the reality is we are in a transglobal society now and have been for some time. Contract, contract, contract. You put things in writing. I work with and advise entrepreneurs all over the world. I have a contract that shows deliverables and compensation on those. Bottom line, I have to meet those deliverables, and bottom line, they have to compensate, all per the contract. I always deliver on contracts. Not once have I have I not, but I recognize I am not the norm, to my own displeasure. One of the problems entrepreneurs share with me is that they get taken for a ride a lot.

AND...most...don't...have....a...contract. Or they have a very weak and poorly thought out contract. Or, they don't properly preface the contract.

One of the first things I tell people I work with is, "understand, a contract is only as valuable as the lawyer, and the power of those lawyers behind the contract." Same with a patent. A patent without enforceability is little more than a piece of paper. We are in the shark tank age of everyone thinking they are an entrepreneur because they watch shark tank. So they think a patent suddenly means they have a million dollar business.

But when I talk to future potential partners, I also make them aware professionally, and non accusatory that if they break the contract, they will absolutely regret it. This is not a matter of me saying, "Attempt to break this contract or do me wrong and I will burn you so far into the ground you will never see daylight." But there are ways to infer that with professionalism. This is also pre-liminary weed out process. Because you cant judge character in person at times, any more than you could from a phone call. People are good at misleading...and acting.

So, with all of that, my subjective opinion. View his/her work. Clearly convey what you are seeking from them design wise. If all of that goes well, present them with a contract that has deliverables and the option to at any point go a different route. So for example: Deliverable one. Will work through design templates and agree on one. Create first three sections...about, etc." Depending on what your website is. Be fair to them, expect the same.

Anas Mousa Cofounder, Research Wiz, Futurist

May 26th, 2018

My experience: no. Others can chime in and see. You can’t be a true judge of character unless you meet in person a few times. Now that doesn’t guarantee that meeting in person of fool proof, but it minimizes the risk.

Anas Mousa Cofounder, Research Wiz, Futurist

May 28th, 2018

My experiences have led me to say “no”. Whether that’s in the US or Outside of the US. Legally speaking it becomes difficult to go after anyone who did you wrong and there’s no real way to follow up on someone if something did go wrong. I’ve had many Indians do work for me and bounce. I’ve had Indians steal my ideas as well. There’s a ton of reasons why you want someone locally.

David M

May 29th, 2018

Anas makes a great point about recovering assets. You get into international law issues, and depending on the governing law venue of the contract this can be an issue. Good point!

Brent Chauvin can build your MVP to get funded or scale into a profitable organization

May 29th, 2018

woah this is a cool thread! I am not sure I have any experience in this matter. In person is the way to do it I think too. To me this feels like finding chemistry, and you can't do that without being in person. Once you find the chemistry you can work other ways, but without knowing this is the person, then I think its a lot harder. Are we talking about working with people in our own country? Or literally global business? I would think there are some stipulations to being partnered up with someone from a different country, even if its the US who are land locked to Canada.

wale Babs Adejinmi Cofounder/;;;

May 29th, 2018

well, idea is always difficult to steal. You have to say it to make connection. PPl pitch sales and that's idea in nutsell

Joseph William Front and Backend Developer

Last updated on May 29th, 2018

Hi Khalid, Doing a start-up is already super hard, doing long distance it will be super duper hard. You need to find people you can work together with night and day. I spent over a year looking for a tech cofounder until I found a coding bootcamp, and managed to find a tech cofounder and we built the MVP together. It was a good experience.

Good luck!